Monday, August 11, 2008

Season Tickets Made Easier!

GroundWorks Theatre announces the introduction of our own version of a Season Ticket -- the 4-Show FlexPass. It's like buying a Season Ticket anywhere else, only immensely better. Why?

1. It's a great deal -- 4 tickets for $50 ($40 for seniors and students), which is a big huge savings over individual tickets.

2. You can purchase in person or online via PayPal, which is super convenient for you!

3. You can use the 4 passes to any show this season, in any combination, with no restrictions on dates!

4. It's a paperless ticket, which means no dead trees, no waste materials, and nothing to lose!

5. It supports the GWT mission of bringing only the finest Nashville premieres to you, including the newly-announced season: "Chesapeake" by Lee Blessing, "The Road to Bethlehem" by Robert A. O'Connell, "Marry Me A Little" by Stephen Sondheim, and "O Jerusalem" by A. R. Gurney.

Look for the Season Ticket / PayPal link soon!

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